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Here you will find a huge selection of top quality meat and poultry produce, all of which is sourced from our butcher shop based near Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Browse through our pages and see if anything catches your eye. We supply marinated meats, award winning sausages and bacon, delicious homemade pies, traditional cuts, game and much, much more.

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Online shopping with a local touch

At Highside Butchers online, products aren't added to a cart in the traditional sense with online prices and payments.

There are a number of ways you can place a order by using this website.

  1. By registering on the website and navigating through the pages and categories and sending your order.
  2. Use the website for reference, then go to the contact us page and put your order in the message box.
  3. Use the website as reference and send your order as an e-mail to
  4. By phone, use the website for reference and phone the order hotline 01765 658423 (6 till 6) 01765 658151 (evening)
  5. By text/mobile 07531132980

All orders will be acknowledged within 24 hours of being recieved ,any order not acknowledged is an order not been recieved.

Highside Butchers Delivery


When we recieve your order we will be in touch with you either by e-mail or phone to arrange a delivery time to suit you.

Highside Butchers Payment Methods


Payment can be made by cash or cheque on delivery, or can be made by debit/credit card over the phone.

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